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SHEDDING THE WEIGHT At my heaviest, I weighed 105kg after the birth of my second son in June 2012. Two weeks later, I joined Weight Watchers. Little girl haircuts with side bangs I lost 5kg in the first week, and by December I was down to 90kg. In 2013, I joined Sweat 1000 and was hooked; I went there six days a week. A friend told me about Dream Body Fitness, which my husband also joined. After that diet, I joined another one called Fat Loss Lab. By January 2014, I weighed 69kg. I became vain about my weight loss; I wanted to look hot, especially for my husband. I still want to look sexy, but my definition has changed into being toned with muscle. I’ve had many failed attempts during my weight loss journey. It’s easy to say a number, but the discipline required to see it through is another story.

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