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IS DEATH POSSIBLE IF THE CD4 COUNT IS LOW? My brother died recently after taking ARVs for three years. His CD4 count was 500. I want to understand what could have caused his death if he was taking his medication and eating healthily. Anonymous, email Dear Anonymous: Sorry to hear about the passing away of your brother. Little girl curly haircuts Let me explain CD4 count and viral load. CD4 count shows how strong your immune system is, and viral load is the number of HIV copies in your blood. When your CD4 count goes down to 500 or below, we recommend that you start taking antiretroviral treatment. Once a person has started treatment, the most important blood test is the viral load. If you’re taking treatment well, then we expect the viral load to be Yours Hair is lower than detectable Yours Hair is or Yours Hair is less than 20 Yours Hair is after 12 weeks. In some cases, a person can take their treatment well, have a reasonably high CD4 count, but still have a high viral load. This is called virological failure – when treatment is being taken but it does not seem to be working and the viral load remains high. Your brother could have had a virological failure and succumbed to an opportunistic infection because of a high viral load. I hope that my explanation helps bring some closure to you and your family.

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