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Shampoo Myths

1 Will scrubbing my hair harshly clean it better?

No. Scrubbing with pressure will aggravate the scalp and encourage it to produce more oil thereby creating an oily scalp death to a blow dry or any style.

2 My grandmother always said a hundred brush strokes a day was good for the hair. Was she right?

I’m afraid Granny had this one wrong. Overbrushing your hair will put pressure on the very fibre of the hair and encourage it to split or tear! Only ever brush dry hair not wet and brush gently to avoid tears.

3 Does using really hot water make the hair cleaner?

There is some truth in the idea that warm water helps to open the outer layer of the hair fibre but generally using hot water will parch the hair and scalp just like the skin. Instead always use warm or tepid water.
4 What about rinsing in cold water?

Ignore this one as well apart from making you cold (brrr!) it can also constrict the blood capillaries that carry nutrients to your hair’s growth cycle.

5 Should I regularly change my shampoo? I’ve heard that hair can ‘get used’to the same shampoo and stop working.

Liscio japanese hair straightening

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Liscio japanese hair straightening

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