Lipsticks for fair skin


‘I use pencil all overthe lips, and then apply face powder on top to set the pencil. Next I apply gloss or lipstick on top. In selecting a lip pencil do not be afraid to choose a colour that is different from your lipstick. Provided the pencil is used all overthe lip, applying different colours on top can create winning combinations. The notion of having to use a matching pencil and lipstick is totally old-fashioned.’

Francois Nars

i prefer to use a lip brush when filling in the mouth (it gives me more control than using the container), and I like to “sample” my lipsticks in a box (by colours). I actually break them off, and smudge them in. In this way they appear more like an artist’s palette.’ Kevyn Aucoin

‘To create a pouty look use a pinky-brown lipstick all over the lips, and then dab a bit of concealer in the middle of the bottom lip.’ Jeanine Lobell of Stila Cosmetics

‘Apply Vaseline and then buff with a baby’s toothbrush to get rid of dry skin ifyou suffer from dry lips.’

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