Lipstick for thin lips

The secret weapon in your armoury, the lip liner, used masterfully, is the quickest means of changing your lip shape. Used wrongly, or with a heavy hand, it will leave you looking more Ugly Sisterthan Cinderella.

While no make-up artist would be without a lip liner, the majority of women are rather scared of a product that most wrongly associate with looking unnatural and out of date. Produced in a multitude of colours and consistencies (anything from matt to pearlized to creamy), today’s lip liners blend beautifully with the natural tone and texture of the skin. Available in traditional pencil, push-up crayon and felt-tip form, they are simple to use and easy to carry.

For a modern look, always run the pencil overthe back of your hand after sharpening before you actually line your lips. This will soften a very pointed tip, and ensure a more natural-looking outline. Always fill in the whole lip area with the same lip liner, otherwise when your lipstick fades you will be left with an obvious outline. A peachy lip liner used like this makes a great alternative to lipstick for a daytime look.

If the lip lineryou are using is too dark, tone it down with a little foundation. Keep your lips relaxed, and do not press too hard when applying lip liner. Using small feathery movements will keep the line looking more natural, but be careful not to end up with a broken lip line.

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