Lipstick application techniques

Lipstick application techniques

1 Always use a brush when applying lipstick. This gives you more control overthe product, and allows you to get right into the corners without smudging. It also ensures you keep your colour within your lip line and not smudged overthe edges.

2 When applying lip liner, make sure your lip pencil is not too sharp to avoid creating a harsh outline. Use it very lightly to trace the outer edges of your lips, and keep your lips re axed to avoid creating unnatural shapes.

3 Is to technological advances, we can now pump up oarwokme (to a certain extent) without having to resort to essures such as cosmetic surgery. BeneFit’s Lip randsir ar wands promise to give you voluptuous lips seconds of application.

4 Liner sing clear gloss over a coloured lipstick, first apply gioss to your wrist, and then transfer it to your lips with a seoarate lip brush. Avoid using the sponge-tip applicator that comes with the gloss because it will become discoloured.

5 Wash your lip brushes regularly using a mild detergent to prevent your lip shades blending.

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