Lipstick Application: FOR LONGER-LASTING LIPS


1 Always blot your lipstick with a tissue and then reapply to build up colour and durability.

2 Always apply foundation (and, if you wish, a whisper of translucent powder) to the lips before you start applying lipstick. This will prevent naturally high-coloured lips from sabotaging your desired lip colour, minimize feathering and also ensure that your lipstick stays put for longer.

3 Using a blunt lip pencil, colour in the whole lip area before you apply your lipstick over the top. This will create a stain that will last for the whole evening. Either use a pencil that matches your lipstick to maintain its true colour, or experiment by using different coloured pencils under your lipstick to create different shades.

4 Choose matt lipsticks, which last longer than glosses.

5 Ifyou are wearing lip gloss, only apply it at the last minute to prolong its life span.

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