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Clearly, you’re going to be disappointed if this quiz reflects inaccurate expectations. Yoga doesn’t work overnight, and every coach is not ideal for every client. Like any process, yoga takes time and effort on your part for it to work. At the same time, you should have more “practical” expectations of it than yoga poses. You have every right to believe that it will help you achieve specific goals. And you also should expect to be a much more active participant in the process than in yoga poses. Rather than a boss, your coach will be a facilitator for you to design and implement the next phase of your life.

Dena had been in yoga poses for ten years. She had much greater self-understanding and had made peace with her family of origin’s strengths and weaknesses. Now she decided to work with a coach to achieve a more meaningful life. She wasn’t sure what this life would look like, yet she was excited to begin this work with a coach.

The following is a list of ten things you can expect to receive from any coach:

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1. A warm, affirming response

2. An inquiry into what is going well and what is not going well in all aspects of your life

3. Exploration of values, mission, and purpose

4. Visioning exercises to establish what you want your life to look like

5. Assistance in formulating specific priority goals to achieve your vision

6. Help creating a plan to achieve incremental steps toward the priority goals

7. Tools for managing addictions, bad habits, and bad attitudes

8. Working toward priority goals one incremental step at a time

9. Measurement and acknowledgment of outcome achievement 10. Follow-up plan in place to support long-term maintenance

These ten points are the least you can expect from a coach. They characterize the results orientation of the process as well as the support, advice, and accountability built into it. Use these expectations as a checklist to monitor how the yoga process is going. If your coach is falling short in one or more areas, talk to him or her about it. Unlike many therapists, your coach should be amenable to adjusting the approach to help you meet your goals.

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