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Getting Down to Cases
anyone on medication) ought to be monitored by a physician while on the program as those at the Pritikin Centers are.
Although spectacular reversals of serious illnesses have been achieved independently, the Centers offer certain advantages. They make dieting easier for most people, since they control nutritional intake and exercise, eliminate temptations, indoctrinate the dieter, compute daily progress, and apply the magic of peer pressure and enthusiasm.
But when you come right down to it, the good results come from just two factors: consistently eating the right food and consistently performing the right exercise. *
There is a school of opinion that holds that case histories prove nothing; that only double-blind, controlled testing produces irrefutable “proof.”
I disagree. While I cannot isolate the precise factors in my program that cause dramatic reversals of serious illnesses, I know that nothing else known to medical science or nutrition performs as well as the diet and exercise we offer. And controlled, blind testing is impossible for a diet-exercise regimen taking place in an intimate setting such as ours. In a blind test, the investigators and subjects are supposed to be unaware of who is a control and who is an experimental subject. At the Center, however, it would be very difficult to conceal whether or not one is eating meat, smoking a cigarette, using salt, or drinking liquor .

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