Layered haircuts from the back view

There are some simple rules to follow and remember an extra minute spent caring for your hair at this crucial >aration stage can :e all the difference.

Step 5 Rinse, rinse and rinse again! It’s important to rinse away all those lovely bubbles. Not rinsing away the residue of the shampoo thoroughly enough results in dull hair.

Step 6 To repeat or not? If you are washing your hair daily there is no need to shampoo twice but if you like the fee! of super clean hair, shampoo and rinse again.

Step 1 Before wetting your hair, comb out any tangles with a widetoothed comb. Start at the tips of the hair and work up to the roots.

Step 3 When the hair is wet through, gently squeeze out the excess water.

Step 4 Pour a teaspoon sized blob of shampoo directly into the palm of the hand. Rub the product together in the palms of your hands then smooth the shampoo over the hair. Gently rub your palms over your head and then build up a little more pressure on your scalp using your fingertips. Don’t scratch your scalp with your nails. Continue this process for approximately 30 seconds, running your fingers through your hair evenly to avoid tangling.

Step 2 Soak the hair with warm water, gently stroking the fingers through your hair as the water flows through it. The type of water can also affect your hair in different areas. For example, soft water can leave the hair feeling lank while hard water can make the hair feel brittle. Fitting a water filter to your tank can make a huge difference by making the hair more controllable. Luxury salons often fit water filters for this reason.

Layered haircuts from the back view

Layered haircuts from the back view Photo Gallery


Layered haircuts from the back view

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