Layered haircuts for women with long hair

What’s been your greatest struggle? I’m very hard on myself and tend to push myself. But, it’s worked for my career so far, I wouldn’t call it a struggle as much because I’m striving to always be better. What do you think is misunderstood about you? I’ve been labelled a diva. People pre-empt unprofessional behaviour from me on set and are surprised that I’m down to earth and kind. What tabloids don’t get is that at times, when they write lies about you, it can damage your career. Luckily, that’s over now and people see that I’m nothing like that. What’s the bigger dream for your career? I have so many that I’d like to achieve! When I was at Destiny blog, I fell in love with beauty and fashion, so I’d love to own a boutique one day while working as an international actress in blockbuster movies. Dress Me and You Clothing Accessories Stylist’s YOUR SAFE PLACE Growing up, I always felt safe sleeping with my late grandmother in her bed. She’d wake me up in the middle of the night and we’d both get on our knees and pray.

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