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From Marie Antoinette with her fantastic and elaborate wigs in the eighteenth century, to Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry, Princess Diana and, of course, the ultimate reinventor, Madonna, people have endlessly speculated about what it really means to turn heads with your hair.

I could write whole chapters on the social and cultural effects hair has had over the centuries but I’ll save that for another time. Instead I want to share with you how to achieve the holy grail Shiny Happy Hair. Along the way, I hope you’ll learn a little more about your crowning glory!

Whenever I do someone’s hair, I’m aware that it can be a decisive moment. A snip here, a spritz of sweet smelling spray there 1 have the power to control destiny! A visit to the salon, whether it is in your local high street or at a glittering Manhattan address, can be many things: a ritual, an escape, fun part of our lives.

For many the hair salon is the centre of the community. That magical time at the hairdressers allows you to escape your realities and luxuriate in your hair fantasies we call it hair porn!

Back at home in your own bedroom, sitting at your dressing table or standing in front of your bathroom mirror, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to recreate some of the salon experience.

Tackling your locks may be fraught but it can also be fun. Sometimes hair is a joy, sometimes it’s a nuisance. I’ve spent many an hour in the company of women as they sit and discuss their hair and for a few moments they escape everything else in life and think only about themselves. Hair is special to us all!

When you can give yourself the time, there’s nothing better than high maintenance hair. I call it high heel behaviour. You know when your hair looks great, you walk taller and with a spring in your step; it really is a confidence booster!

I know that in reality most time poor women want hair that is low maintenance who doesn’t want to look their best in the least possible time? But all I’m saying is that if you’re in a hair rut and your hair isn’t doing it for you, perhaps a little time spent reading this book will help you achieve your dream shiny happy hair!

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