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The very first type of hair grafting developed was the punch graft technique. Three to five millimeter circular or square plugs, consisting of ten to twenty hairs each, are removed from the hair bearing site and planted, one by one, into smaller cylindrical or square holes in the balding region of the scalp. The surgeon uses a special tubelike Steel instrument to punch out the round graft at the donor site so that it can be transplanted at the recipi ent site.

This procedure is an older, outdated transplant method that fails to duplicate the appearance of a natural, hair bearing scalp. The problem with these grafts is that they make your scalp look like doll hair pluggy sprigs of hair coming out of the scalp an unnatural appearance. Yet this procedure has been used success fully to correct the hairlines of African American women who have lost hair due to traction alopecia.

Fortunately, these larger grafts have evolved into smaller and smaller grafts, which give a more natural looking appearance and better long term results.

More recently, surgeons have started using smaller versions of grafts called minigrafts and micrografts. With minigrafts, the surgeon uses a scalpel to remove thin strips of hair bearing scalp from the back and sides of the head and cuts them into small rectangles or cirdes of three to eight follides each. These plugs are then inserted into shallow incisions on the scalp. In a three hour operation, up to a thousand graphs can be placed in these incisions.

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