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Table 1 Patient Study Results Vertex Area (Phase III Trials)
Study Evaluation Kelly Rowland Hairstyles Increase Dosage
Location Time or Decrease
U.S. 6 months +70 hairs/inch 1 mg Propecia
U.S. 6 months -15 hairs/inch placebo
International 6 months +60 hairs/inch 1 mg Propecia
International 6 months -22 hairs/inch placebo
U.S. 12 months +90 hairs/inch 1 mg Propecia
U.S. 12 months -21 hairs/inch placebo
International 12 months +80 hairs/inch 1 mg Propecia
International 12 months -22 hairs/inch placebo
What Has Finasteride Research Proven ?
Table 2 Patient Self-Assessment Vertex Area (Phase III Trlals)
Kelly Rowland Hairstyles

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