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Keira Knightley on No. Tony was shot dead in a restaurant in Brooklyn a while back, following the killing of Crazy Joe Gallo. I met him when he was still a young hood and I asked my father, What does he do? Well, my father said, Colucci, you know, has his problems. Yeah, with his shoes. Cheapest places to travel HolidayMapQ Travel Advice: Best Places for a Romantic Getaway Travel Deals Cheapest places to travel to HolidayMapQ Next post; He put my hand on his thing and asked me if I had ever felt such a big one. Little did he know whom he was dealing with. Oh, thank you. Keira Knightley 2016.

She say; I think everybody has boundaries and mine is that I’m not happy dancing in very little knickers.

Keira might prefer that to singing, however. When she went up for the lead role in The Phantom of the Opera,

‘it was singularly the most embarrassing experience of my entire life. I absolutely knew I couldn’t sing it. But I went in, and they were like, “No, no, anybody can sing. Just try it out.” And I sang and the guy went, “You really can’t sing, can you?”’ Perhaps it’s just not in her genes. Raised in Teddington, in Middlesex, Keira is the daughter of actor Will Knightley and playwright Sharman Macdonald, who made their names in 1970s left-wing theatre. All my friends would get their pictures of boys from Smash Hits, but Mum wouldn’t let us have it in the house.’ She shares a sense of self-sufficiency with her parents. ‘I’ve been living in flats on my own since I was 16,’ Keira says. ‘It’s important to be independent because otherwise I get very claustrophobic.’ This extends to her career, too. She is, aside from her agent, an army of one. ‘I don’t have publicists or a manager or anything like that. At the moment, I still don’t see the need for it,’ she says.

‘It would be awful to have people looking after me to that degree. You’d get to 30 and realise you’ve never done anything for yourself and you’re buggered.’

She admits, although in precise received pronunciation. ‘There is practically nothing else I can do right now but act. If I don’t learn now, when am I going to learn?’ Keira is at that precious age where she has the luxury of acting like a working adult or the teenager she still is. ‘I feel very grown up and, on occasions, very, very immature. I think I reached a peak of maturity at 15 and now I’m regressing, which is much more fun. I’m earning my own living and in charge of my career, and then I go out and smoke and get horrifically drunk and fall over,’ she confesses. ‘And I have been known to puke up, which is not very attractive, but I suppose that’s what teenagers do.’ In such moments of candour, Keira shatters the aura of celebrity and becomes admirable for her common sense. She slides a bit closer; she has something to say about the Hollywood beauty machine.

styl-99‘I go to LA, me, being a pretty skinny person, and I’m bigger than most of the women there, and that is very scary. You have to be a very strong person to go, “No, fuck it! I don’t need to be like that, because that’s the route to unhappiness.’” She is, by her own admission, ‘the laziest cow in the world’. ‘I do love a fry-up and puddings. I go from trying to eat really healthily, hitting the gym every day, getting obsessed with it and becoming an absolute boring wanker to nothing at all. I have to be made to return calls or go to parties. Or I’ll be drinking way too much and behaving like Bridget Jones on a bad day. And then I literally can’t get up the stairs without wheezing.’ Unlike Ms Jones, Keira is not obsessed by relationships. She makes no mention of Irish model Jamie Dornan, with whom she is said to be living. Her parents, she says, ‘married for very unromantic reasons. It meant that they could get a mortgage.’ She does not believe that in this day and age it is necessary to get married.

‘If you meet a person and that’s what you want, then that’s lovely, but it’s not something I feel I have to do.’

What Keira does want to set the record straight on is the subject of Johnny Depp’s underwear. After the first Pirates film, the papers were full of gossip about her requesting a pair of her co-star’s pants. Keira made the story up herself, she’s now eager to confess. ‘I’ll tell you what, though,’ she says with a wicked grin, ‘on the next one, I just might try to sneak into his trailer and steal them.’ Then she flushes a bit, which only makes her protest prettier. ‘Oh God, I’m probably talking a load of shit and now I’ll be embarrassed because I’ve given an interview and talked a load of shit in it and then I’m going to have to apologise for having given crap quotes somewhere.

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