Kegel Exercises While Pregnant

How this blog is organized

Section 1 covers the fundamentals. You will learn step-by-step how to enter the alpha brain wave level with conscious awareness. After completing Section 1, you can go on to any topic in any section of the blog and use the mental workout and fitness techniques immediately.

Section 2 covers the most powerful mental rehearsal workout and fitness techniques of the Exercise Method and teaches you advanced workout and fitness techniques you can use during training and competition to help you improve your performance.

Section 3 deals with specific training routines first for fitness, then for both individual and team sports. Learn what “mental toughness” really is and how to develop it.

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Section 4 covers general self-improvement workout and fitness techniques. Learn how to develop self-mastery to relieve tension and migraine headaches, overcome insomnia, stop bad habits and develop good ones, control your weight, gain more nutritional value from the food you eat, use your mind to speed injury recovery and keep your body healthy, and program yourself for success.

Section 5 includes several additional topics relating to fitness and athletics. Learn how to determine training routines for young people, older people and people with disabilities. A special Exercise addresses parents and coaches. A list of resources tells you where to go for additional help and guidance in mastering the mental game.

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