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SITTING IN THE BAR part of a restaurant on New York’s Upper West Side, Reeves pulls his long arms around himself protectively, draping them loosely in his lap. He’s wearing a black jacket that’s layered over a black shirt that’s layered over yet another black shirt. He j smokes a cigarette and takes a sip of red wine. His legs are crossed at i the thigh. He’s talla more looming figure in the corner of a bar than I’d expected him to be, given his typically kinetic and boyish screen presence. In person he is preposterously handsome.

When I tell him w’e’&actually met fourteen years ago in the Berk-shires, at the cast partyfor a production of The Tempest in which he’d played Trinculo, he unfolds a bit. Bill & Ted’s had made him a star, and I remember how Ted-like he was at the time: amiable, with stringy hair, swigging on a pint of something, a renowned terror on his motorcycle. “Yes, yes,” Reeves recalls. “I had a 750 GSXRmy first sport bike, ft was lovely. There was a great winding road from the theater to the house, and one day I ran into a police block. Two patrol cars and however many patrolmen basically saying ‘Cease and desist’ going so quickly. It was beyond ticketing: Over the course of the weeks I’d built up a reputation, so it was a community kind of thing, asking the police to tell me to calm down a little bit.” He smiles to himself. “I was enjoying the countryside.”

Telling me this, Reeves sounds as stagily debonair as Bruce Wayne, as if he should be wearing an ascot and saying, “But I’ve put away childish things”when in fact he hasn’t at all. Even now, Reeves is said to enjoy the occasional night ride with his headlight off. He has an artful array of scarsa squiggle on his leg, a snake on his abdomen, a bald spot in the whiskers above his lipthat attest to periodic lapses in judgment (although he’s never had a spill that necessitated the removal of his spleen, a subject of some dispute in sundry Keanuana). “I’m a very safe, conservative motorcycle operator,” Reeves offers. “Especially when there’s a full moon and you’re in the [Hollywood] Hills and it’s summery. Never. Never would I do that”ride with the headlight off. Again, the private smile.

With Reeves, motorcycles are a passable topic of conversation, although movies are even betteror maybe they’re safer. I mention that I’ve watched thirteen of his in the past two and a half days, and this seems to delight him. “Thirteen?” Reeves says, settling in. “You saw a third of my body of work. Did you go through the classics? Did you see My Own Private Idaho? Little Buddha! River’s Edge?” When I tell him I saw the seminal disaffected-youth movie, River’s Edge, yesterday for only the first time since it came out in 1986, he says, “Oh really? Wow!”genuinely surprised, as if everyone were reviewing his greatest hits at regular intervals. But coming from him, there is nothing arrogant or self-involved about it. Reeves just loves the movies, vast swatches of which he is able to quote, and wouldn’t that be great if they’ve given you some pleasure, too?

I ask him to name his favorites. He says he can’t“It’s like picking children…. River’s Edge certainly, Youngblood, Bill 8c Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Parenthood, Little Buddha, The Devil’s Advocate, My Own Private Idaho, The MatrixReloaded and Revolutions, Hardball…” I like the fact that he even includes the dogs, such as Johnny Mnemonic and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Then he says, “Excuse me while I skip to the loo.”

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