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Proving his taste buds are commoners, Harry’s a superfan of KFC’s Big Box Meal. “No way would he accept a substitute,” says a guard. “He loves that chicken!

Among Harry’s princely talents? Painting which he’s showed off in a portrait of nephew George and a collection of self-portraits.They’re very moving, says a source, and show a different side of him.”

Much to Queen Elizabeth Il’s dismay, Harry’s wild Vegas vacay in 2012 which he mostly spent drunk and naked has been well-documented. But that’s not the only place he’s let loose: A source says Harry once invited four models to the palace, where they spent the night guzzling bubbly and streaking through the halls!

Would you guess that this man has $25 million? If Shia LaBeouf is trying to throw robbers off his trail with tattered clothes and an unkempt beard, it’s working! (Just hide the $10 juice, Shia.)

An Oscar win and a successful music career as frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars have helped Jared Leto sock away a hefty $40 million, but he has no desire to part with his favorite tee.

You’d think that Keanu Reeves, whose net worth is an astonishing $350 million, could afford a five-star meal, but the scruffy actor seems to prefer a sandwich on a lonely bench.

Remember when you moved all your stuff into your first apartment in trash bags because you couldn’t afford boxes? Julianne Moore’s stuck with that method, even with $40 million to spare.

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