Katie Holmes Style Evolution

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Katie Holmes  Style Evolution 

Katie Holmes  experienced a very harsh backlash when she ran an accessories story called ‘There’s a Huntsman in My Handbag’ in 1997, which was a creepy set of improbable scenarios, incorporating spiders, snakes and other various dangerous antipodean creatures, and featuring the actress Rachel Griffiths. I actually thought it was quite funny but the readers were aghast, and the tone was interpreted as condescending. There were fashion shoots featuring barbeques and a great deal of the styling made use of the rubber thong, often worn with a couture dress. The idea was probably that it projected a cool insouciance, but to me it just looked sloppy.
I think Marion respected my opinion, and she did listen to my concerns sometimes. I could see it was difficult for her. Both she and Alison worked around the clock. Marion seemingly had been told nothing about budgets, so costs were going through the roof, and she was surrounded by quite a few toadies who were more interested in advancing their personal careers. Nobody would question her decisions, even if they privately thought she was wrong. Many times I thought people were taking advantage of her.
There was a particularly disastrous moment when it was decided to fly in a top US photographer to shoot several stories for a big issue. Business-class tickets were booked and a five-star hotel was arranged, not only for him but also for his assistants and his preferred hairdresser and makeup artist. If someone had mentioned it to me beforehand, I would have rung the alarm bells. Why fly in an entire team? It’s far more controllable to sprinkle in some staffers and local freelancers that you already know and trust, otherwise a cliquey international crew will generally ignore your brief and do anything they want, while you sign the cheques and fret over the mini bar charges.

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