Kate Hudson’s beauty and slimming secrets

We were so excited to hear that even the fabulous Kate Hudson had some problems on his body in a bikini!
Kate is filming a film in San Pedro, California, near a military base. “I have a bikini,” says Hudson.

“So I’m in this tiny bikini and I hear a helicopter. And then suddenly that crazy sound and big collision is coming. I shout ‘damn you.’ The helicopter is so burning that a big piece of plywood falls from the roof and falls on my car.

“I’m running out with a twist. And all the cops are there. In the meantime, they smile, saying: ‘Hello, Mrs. Hudson!’

I say. ‘Hello, is it possible that one of you can give me a dress? What happened to the car? ”

Kate gave her the weight she had after birth. “The newspapers were pushing me hard and I ate good. I was exercising. I just lost weight. Now I have no problems with my body. “Strong eating plan includes sushi and organic food. It is also known for its long beaches and long runs on the street.

HDS Extra: If you are lucky enough to live in a place where you can run on the beach, you will have trouble sticking your kumquats after exercise. If you drive the Baby Powder before you exercise, the sand will not stick to it. He’il make your legs. This is a good secret for mothers who take their children to the beach.

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