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Enter Amber Rose a one-time stripper who first achieved fame as Kanye West’s girlfriend and as Wiz Khalifa’s former wife. In between she has been constantly criticised for her manner of dressing and her openness with her sexuality. some admire her efforts in raising attention towards slut-shaming, victim-blaming, rape culture, gender inequality, and sexual and domestic violence against women. she constantly speaks about double standards that force her into narrow boxes of propriety.

But if propriety ceased to exist, by what standards do we hold ourselves against?

Propriety, by definition, is “the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals.” While it is true that these “boxes of propriety” still exist, they are no longer the narrow, rigid boxes that the world once lived in. In fact, its walls have diminished as people began to grow more aware, first of them, then of the world.

Which brings us to question the motive of Amber Rose. Is she really standing up for women’s rights or has she found a venue to lash out at her detractors? Is she is really against slut-shaming, or just out to proliferate a lifestyle she believes in? If she wants to empower women and help push society’s mindset, is escalating this state of mind the answer?

There are already a number of people who criticize the movement’s methodology. Reclaiming the word “slut” and pushing it to be a good thing is an ironic way of spreading their ideology. Coming from a celebrity like Amber Rose, who has a large social network, the message has spread even further and faster. But the complexity of the cause is lost in its simplification.

When you see sexuality dripping all over a “NO” sign, it sends mixed signals not only to men but to young women as well. Imagine a young girl going out to a club and dressing provocatively to attract attention and then crying when she is harassed with the wrong kind of attention. What are we to do?

Maybe we should reexamine how we see and think Instead of empowering a word that has brought so much hurt in this world, why not give young women (and men) a positive outlook in life?

about rape culture. Maybe we should re-think how we approach slut-shaming. Maybe we should look to ourselves and think about what we are teaching our kids, meaning all the children in the world who bear the responsibility of the future.

Raise them with such strong self-esteem that they develop a natural love for themselves and others, so they never need attention to validate their worth. Teach them to appreciate beauty, inside and out, in themselves and others, so that they never learn discrimination in any form. Educate them about respect for themselves and others, so that they never feel the need to shame others.

The world invites you to countless experiences. Make them your own. Fly Emirates to six continents, and you’ll see that nothing beats being there.

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