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Wash-and-Wear Hair

Fem-liberated hair is almost here for everyone thank goodness. For that will be the day when heads can get to be their very healthiest and hair ecology, rather than hairdo, will be the order of the beauty day. I only wish it had all happened when I was young, before I put my own hair through such tortures to keep it in style. Nowadays, the style is good hair, period.

I have already said that “hairdo” ought to be an obsolete word. For I feel that every woman in the world, once she has been liberated from the weekly “set,” will be liberated forever. I have Sassoon to thank for setting me free from all that rigamarole.

On the other hand, I am well aware that there isn’t a Vidal Sassoon, or a Roger Thompson, in every town in America. (I am not limiting my list of A-one remarkable haircutters to these, but fact is fact. The Sassoon sort of cutting was what started hair swinging again swinging away from “set.”)

I realize that age and hair type and bone structure and all of those things enter into a woman’s choice of hair style. I wouldn’t be in the fashion business if I didn’t know that. But I still maintain that the proper cut, on any kind of healthy hair, should be the cut that you can maintain all by yourself, with no worries about damp weather, rainstorms, wind, hail, or even a swim in the dark of night. A really good haircut ought to come up looking just as good after any and all of those things.

I will never forget taking a friend of mine to my beach house for a weekend, only to find her spending half of a beach-ideal Saturday afternoon with her hair in curlers, in preparation for the usual weekend bash. My only emotion was pity. No woman should have to worry about her hair at the beach. Or in an open car. Or making love.

Or wherever. Not if she’s gotten the right kind of haircut by someone who understands the kind of hair she has and the kind of cut that will look best on her.

Sooner or later, wash-and-wear hair will be an accepted part of woman’s liberation just like the disappearance of the girdle. (I can’t say “bra.” I wear one.) Everyone’s hair is going to be a lot healthier for it. It’s the “wave” of the future!

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