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Round brushes are the best for achieving volume or taking out curls, waves, bends or kicks.

Bristle brushes are best for dressing and styling the hair into place.

Some of the scariest moments I’ve seen are brushes coming out of my clients’ handbags, looking more like old garden rakes or shaggy dogs. Keep your brushes clean and free of hair to help them do their job properly and achieve shiny happy hair

In fact, haircuts are influencers themselves. It only takes the right celebrity to randomly cut their locks and trend is born, and of looky likeys storm the We all have stories of haircuts we loved having and those that we grimace with embarrassment and laughter about. The history of haircuts is a fascinating journey through woman’s independence and revolution.

The humble bob cut started life as a rebellious symbol for women’s liberation and was considered morally objectionable, to the point where it was discussed in parliament. Haircuts create column inches and can make and break careers.

Many of the women whose hair I have cut have carried tiny folded up pictures of their dream haircut around with them for years.

I could write pages about the power of the haircut and how it has changed society but what you really want to know is how to get the best haircut, what will suit you and what to ask for. Armed with a little knowledge you can definitely get the best cut for your shiny happy hair!

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