Jennifer Lopez’s Slimming Pardon

Jennifer Lopez, one of the people on Hollywood’s list of people, I made an interview with Matt Amsden Ravolution, a private dietitian,

He is the author of Gourmet Living Cuisine and one of the world’s leading raw food chefs. Susan Sarandon, Cher, Alicia Silverstone and super model Carol Alt are her fans. These people either want to describe it or hang out at a restaurant in Santa Monica.

Matt’s company, RAWvolution, is the first company to distribute ready-to-eat meals. The food is distributed in a system called Los Angeles and the whole US ‘The Box’ (Box). Matt started eating raw food after learning about diet on a radio show in 1998. We recommend you look at the sites; Jennifer Lopez personally supplies food menu himself 7/24

YKM: What are three things that consume your energy and threaten your health?


More than seventy percent of your T T is sudden. Should you prefer to eat or not? The best way to stay hydrated is to consume foods that do not lose water during cooking. Cooked food increases your water need and makes you thirsty. Everything you put on the scale must be converted to liquid for digestion. How easy is the diet you implement?

Not enought feeding:

Research shows that malnourishment is not caused by what we eat, but by what we ate. Your diet can steal your vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet prepared with raw plants contains all the ingredients of essential vitamins and minerals, but dishes made with traditional methods destroy 80% of the value of food. Are you naturally satisfied with 80% less than you can afford?

Enzyme failure:
Enzymes are responsible for every metabolic process in your body. In the majority of the ready-made foods, 100% of the natural enzymes are destroyed. 100%! When lipase and amylase enzymes are destroyed, they can not digest fats and carbohydrates and they are stored in the body. This leads to your weight gain. When you take abundant enzymatic foods, it is digested by itself. You gain additional energy to work more effectively and do things that you love.

YKM: Would you say the three best exercise secrets?

Yoga, yoga and yoga.

YKM: What do you do when you think you should lose a few pounds?

Stop eating and take liquid things. For fresh fruit and vegetable juices; Especially green vegetables (celery, cucumber, spinach, cabbage). Lemon and ginger juice are also good. This will make you feel lightly but you will really get a lot of food because vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetable juices are easily digested.

YKM: What is the most bizarre diet or exercise secret you think you are really working on these days?

Eat chocolates at breakfast every day and lose weight. My wife and I have been doing this for years. Here is the important point: the cafeteria uses the raw chocolate we sell and we make SuperFood Smoothie.

What would you recommend as the main product you can always include in your customer’s healthy eating plans?
Greens! Green vegetables are the healthiest things in the world! Believe it or not, there’s plenty of protein in it. You can go to all kinds of food and find them in every restaurant. Every lunch and dinner should be a green salad with a light sauce.

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