is your hair dead or alive?

Technically when each individual hair pushes its way through your scalp from the hair follicle, it is dead material. The hair fibre is no longer nourished by the living tissue that manufactures it. The tip of each individual hair on your head has seen a lot of wear and tear, and the longer the tip the older the hair. You should bear this in mind when selecting haircare products: long hair may benefit from some of the anti ageing haircare products around as technically long hair is aged hair.

Like any material, the older it is the more delicate it becomes and the more it is affected by what you as well as the elements throw at it. Styling, heat exposure, chlorine, salt water and brushing all take their toll on your hair and therefore it needs lots ofTLC. Fortunately for you ladies, modern haircare can offer solutions and remedies to help you achieve optimum hair health.
Some of you may find your hair will grow to your waist, while others find that frustratingly, your hair barely grows past your shoulders.

Much of this depends on your hair’s DNA. We generally inherit characteristics from one side of our family’s makeup and I often hear clients say how they’ve got their mother’s skin but their father’s hair. But other factors can play a part in how much hair you have and how long you can grow it. Wear and tear, stress and general poor health are never going to be good for your hair but nutrition plays a surprisingly large part.

Damage from heat styling will not slow down the growth of the hair but it will make the ends weaker and therefore prone to splitting. This kind of damage to the ends of the hair is easy to identify as it is clearly visible. However, hair grows from the roots so it’s not always possible to see what the problems are. Nourishing your hair is what really matters and no amount of fancy products and quick fixes is going to make a difference to how your hair grows.

The root, or hair follicle, is the incubator of hair growth and is nourished by our blood supply. For years I have been singing the virtues and benefits of eating a healthy, balanced diet, taking plenty of exercise and drinking lots of water all as a way of achieving Shiny Happy Hair.

I can tell at a glance when my clients have been taking care of themselves and when they haven’t even all those celebrities who have an army of helpers to keep them fit, healthy and beautiful can sometimes neglect the most basic things.Their hair can tell me a million stories. I know when they’ve been burning the candle at both ends, not going to the gym and forgetting their.

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