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Hidden Nondietary Factors That Influence Emotions
Military experts in many countries consider infrasonics a possible weapon, and police departments have investigated their potential as a “painless” method of riot control. Secret service officials have proposed in frasonically bombarded interrogation chambers for uncooperative witnesses. Such applications of infrasonics are feasible, since people exposed to the sounds become docile, confused, and vulnerable to suggestion.
French researchers have found that volunteers subjected to infrasonics become sleepy, anxious, headachy, and disoriented.
How may “silent sounds” be affecting you? Tests have shown that a car traveling at sixty miles per hour produces infrasonics sufficient to disturb the driver. This is a possible explanation for many mysterious single car highway accidents.
One group of distinguished scientists recently suggested that infrasonics can cause sane people to “act crazy.” In one case a woman threatened suicide because of noises she could hear. A tape recording verified that she was reacting to infrasonic background noises. Many mental patients undergoing treatment because they “hear things” may be exhibiting a heightened sensitivity to silent sounds.
One authority, having found evidence of senseless murders committed at the exact time weather bureau reports showed severe storm generated Infrasonics in the vicinity, believes these silent sounds can trigger insanity in borderline cases. He had discovered numerous instances where abnormal behavior erupted during periods of high winds and storms, both infrasonic generators.


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