Is Organic The Way To Go In This Modern World?

Part of being an informed and conscious consumer is being aware of the foods you buy and their health benefits and drawbacks especially if you’re looking at adopting the Paleo way of eating.

Buzz words float around the world of healthy eating so frequently that it’s hard to keep track of what’s what and why and “organic” is certainly no exception.

Walk into your typical, everyday grocery store and chances are you’ll stumble upon a few aisles labeled “health food aisle” or “organic aisle.” Sounds pretty good, right?

The shelves are stocked with items labeled “natural,” “raw,” “sprouted,” and “organic.” The prices are a bit high but hey, that’s the price you pay for health, right?

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It’s important to understand what these labels mean and if they really even mean much, at all.

The term organic refers to the way in which agricultural products are grow, raised, handled and processed. Using natural fertilizers over chemical ones, and natural insecticides over synthetic ones are both ways in which food can be grown and processed to be considered organic. Meat that is considered organic comes from animals that were given organic feed and no antibiotics, growth hormones or medications.

The USDA regulates the organic industry and requires food manufacturers to meet strict government guidelines. You can learn more about organic agriculture here. On the USDA website

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