Is It Safe To Exercise While Pregnant In First Trimester

Program yourself for success

When the hand is raised in victory, will it be your hand? Or will the glory go to someone else, someone who is no better than you but who has learned how to awaken the mental power within?

If you learn to do the same, the next person to stand in the winner’s circle and be crowned champion could be you.

How to use this blog

This blog is designed to be a comprehensive teaching tool and a reference work for everyone interested in fitness and sports.

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The fundamentals

In order to use Workout and Fitness mental workout and fitness techniques, you must know how to function at the alpha brain wave level. There are 2 ways you can achieve this:

• Practice the 40-day program of countdowns to learn it on your own.

• Better and faster – used the guided instructions at our Free Introductory Lessons for the Exercise UltraMind ESP System at

Section 1 includes a 40-day program you can use to learn to function at the alpha level.

If you have already learned the Exercise Centering Exercise for entering the alpha level through a home study course or a Exercise seminar, you can skip this 40-day program, but can still benefit from reading Section 1.

Section 2 covers basic “programming” workout and fitness techniques, including visualization, imagination and mental rehearsal. These are the foundations for the programming you will do to help you excel in fitness and sports activities.

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