Is It Safe To Do Ab Exercises When Pregnant

Other measures of TEE include estimates that multiply a calorie value that is based For Losing Weight While Pregnancy on an activity by the weight (kg) of the individual. For example, a 55 kg female athlete who trains 5 days a week for several hours would need about 37 kcal/kg. Thus, her TEE, or energy needs, would be 55 kg x 37 kcal/kg/day = ~2,035 kcal/day. Table 2.3 shows an example of

Moderate-intensity exercise 3 5 days per week or low-intensity short-duration training daily Playing recreational soccer 1 1.5 hours every other day; practicing baseball or softball 2.5 hours daily 5 days a week 38 35

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Training several hours a day 5 days a week Swimming 1,000-10,000 m/day with resistance training; soccer practice including skills and conditioning training 2-3 hours a day 41 37

Rigorous training on an almost daily basis Resistance training 10-15 hours per week such as a bodybuilder in a maintenance phase; swimming 7,000-17,000 m a day + 3 days of resistance training per week; typical training for college and elite-level football and basketball players 45 38-40

Extremely rigorous training Training for a half or full ironman; running 15 miles a day or equivalent 51.5 and up to 60 or more 41 and up to 50 or more Note: kcal/kg/day = kilocalorie per kilogram of body weight per day. Source: Adapted from Macedonio and Dunford (2009). estimated energy needs. These are the least accurate way to assess energy needs, though for individuals with limited access to other technology and computerized formulas, these provide a ballpark estimation that can be fine-tuned as needed.

An activity log can be used to better estimate energy expended as a result of planned training and exercise. Information should be gathered that includes daily, weekly, and even monthly variations in training intensity and duration for a thorough understanding of the athlete’s energy needs; these concepts will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 5.

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