And then there’s kelp, our old pal. And kelp means iodine, and iodine works on your thyroid. You see, I haven’t forgotten either the acne or the Laszlo-lashing I got when I tried thyroid medication as an easy means of weight-reduction. As you’ve learned, there simply is no easy means.

Which means it’s healthier in every respect to get your iodine in a natural form like kelp. Have you ever checked the skin on those natural Irish beauties? The ones with the creamy complexions and violet eyes? If it makes you jealous, remember Irish seaweed, only one source of kelp. Kelp and more kelp is not only a giver of health, but of beautiful skin as well and without any acne after-effects. It gives the skin a translucent quality that is hard to duplicate cosmetically.

Kelp is a little tablet that goes wherever I go. For it not only keeps my shape in shape, but my skin in shape, as well. And I don’t know what more one can expect from seaweed. Needless to say, fish is another excellent source of the iodine that will work on both your body and your complexion. The more you get of it, the better. I just happen to be a lousy fish-cook, so when I eat out I usually eat fish, and when I eat at home I eat seaweed. Try it. You’ll see.

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