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Hair is exciting and ever changing, hair is the object of ritual and adulation, magic and transformation! The difference between a good and a bad hair day is full of psychological drama and inexplicable emotional behaviour.

Mother Nature may have given you a head of fine delicate strands or a thick lion’s mane but you ignore sensible advice and insist on pulling, ironing, tweaking and torturing your hair into submission all in the name of fashion and beauty, expectation and making the right impression.

I see women flinch when they passa shop window and catch sight of the slightest sign of frizz, believing they are on the edge of a disaster. Cosmetics companies and magazines conduct countless surveys about natural beauty and, although it sounds good in theory, most of us want to improve on what we were given naturally.

You wouldn’t choose a lipstick that was the same colour as your lips, so why would you pick a shampoo to give you flat lifeless hair? It’s all about enhancing what you have and making the most of the best bits. Throughout this book you’ll find plenty of advice on how to do just that.

Hair is erotic and provocative. Long flowing hair has always been associated with vitality and sexual allure. A lock of hair from a beloved, captured in a locket, is the ultimate romantic gift and symbolizes intimacy.

Celebrities transform their images and careers (and consequently their earning power) with a new hairstyle.

Rapunzel used hers to allow her lover to climb up the tower to be with her. Letting down one’s hair in front of a lover can be very erotic and is an invitation for intimacy.

Most men are blissfully unaware of the world of straightening irons, serums, conditioners and other tricks women use to transform their locks but show a man a woman with beautiful, sexy, glossy hair and he will always notice!

The women I meet are smart, sensible, sane individuals who know that great hair gives them great power power to be the women they want to be and have the life they want to lead.

They devote much of their waking hours thinking about, looking after, touching, checking and obsessing about their hair. And why the hell not? It’s the outfit you never take off, the one thing that can transform your whole appearance. If you have Shiny Happy Hair it’s envied!

I’ve had clients who have talked to their shrink., their hvpnotist., their doctor, their mother, their priest even their gynaecologist about their hair! Hair is important to every single one of us.

For decades rock legends, pop stars, movie icons, supermodels and royalty have understood the powerful effect hair can have and many of them know exactly how to manipulate this obsession with hair to their advantage.

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