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Getting the perfect haircut

If it’s a crop, a bob or a layered cut you will need to have your hair trimmed every two months, give or take a week.

Sure, there are those of you who can make a haircut last longer but the fact is the ends of the hair start to fray, split and tear so even the tinniest of nibbles will make the ends feel thicker and stronger.

I hate to tell you girls there is only one cure for split ends and it’s the snip!

Serums can cosmetically disguise those tell tale signs, but left alone those splits right at the ends of your hair will continue their journey of wreckage.

It is tempting when you are trying to grow your hair to avoid the snip snip of the hairdresser’s chair but trust me: follow my guidelines on feeding your hair and have a tiny snip every few months and Rapunzel like locks will be yours.

I know having Edward Scissorhands lurching at you with his silver shears is enough to make you run to the hills and many women quite literally have a fear of hairdressers but for many the hair salon is a place of magic. I love it when my clients say’I trust you’.

Different hair textures react to being cut in different ways and it’s true to say that the experienced hairdresser has a wealth of knowledge, techniques and tools to deal with your hair’s texture. When I’m working in the salon each new cut is a bespoke work of art.

I left school wanting to be a fashion designer and that’s exactly what I became a fashion designer in hair. Just like a tailor I look for the best features a woman has and try to exaggerate those.

I know that curly hair is often best cut dry rather than wet and fine hair can benefit from being cut with a razor. Thick hair cut randomly can fall beautifully instead of like a bush.

My scissors are just a pencil for me to sketch the perfect design for the woman sitting in front of me. If you want shiny happy hair, getting the right cut is just as important as good nutrition, great products and proper styling.

Always insist on a consultation when you visit the salon and if possible talk through what you want without the hairdresser’s cape around you they need to see who you are. If you usually wear make up, don’t go barefaced. When a hairdresser says ‘same as last time?’you know it’s time to find a new hairdresser.

If one of my clients always has her hair in a certain way, I might suggest tweaking it and subtly changing it according to what is in fashion similarly a haircut may need to adjust to the seasons or adapt to the changes that occur in the contours of the face and body.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is hanging onto the same haircut for too long. It not only makes them look like they’re stuck in a time warp, but that they’re trying to hang onto the past (more on that in the chapter on anti ageing).

On or off duty I can’t help but stare at women and think how I could improve their hair look. There are basically five things that I’ll check out.

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