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Cultural, entertaining and enticing; Imperial Fez surpasses conventional international dining for an experience more likened to a trip than a mere visit to a restaurant. Before crossing the threshold, Moroccan tunes greet you and in keeping with their customs, all guests must remove their shoes before being seated. The plush pillows and tabletops are Moroccan in design with colors as rich as the country’s history. Before your belly is full to the brim, belly dancers serenade guests with an entertainment portion that is tantalizing to the mind and sure to have you travelling back in time..

Five-star awarded and critically acclaimed Chef Rafih opened the restaurant in the hopes of bringing Morocco to the states. Enjoy specialty dishes such as Lamb Tajine Morozia, baked with a house blend of ass el hannut comprisingthirty-two aromatic spices prepared by the chef himself, and garnished with roasted onions, raisins, and almonds. Each entree comes with Harrira Moroccan lentil soup, salad, bread, an appetizer, and your choice of dessert served with hot mint tea, extracted straight from Morocco. With an extensive menu, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available upon request.

For those wanting to capture the experience at home, Chief Rafih offers Moroccan cooking classes, but as with the restaurant, availability is limited.

Nestled in the heart of the Nation’s capital, Komi, much like the city in which it is , is petite and teeming with surprises. Parties of four or larger cannot be accommodated at this restaurant, making it ideal for a romantic rendezvous or one-on-one business meeting. Printed menus are also unavailable leaving guests to the whim of the three awarded chefs that have made Komi one of the most elite and acclaimed Greek restaurants on the East Coast.

If you are a fan of surprises, you’ll love what is in store, from caviar to tenderloin and fresh mackerel. The multi-course dinner begins with a series of Mezzethakia-small, light dishes, that progresses to richer flavors including a family-style entree, pasta, and followed by cheese and desert.

The designer menu is worth roughly $135 per person, and from start to finish guests will be treated, receiving a homemade lemon-salted lollipop with the check. Komi gives Ancient Greece a facelift blending traditional and modern flavors, so feast like the Spartans or the Presidential Family who frequent Komi for special date nights.

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