How To Wear Yellow Mustard

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How To Wear Yellow Mustard

Is now the right time to take this risk?

Franny asked herself this question, and answered with a resounding yes, although not all her friends agree with her.

“I’m 26 and Will, the man I live with, is 32,” she explains. “He says he’s not sure that he ever wants kids. I love kids. I know parenthood has got to be part of my life. I’m gambling that he’ll change his mind when he’s older and more settled.

“When I discussed this with my older sister, she said, ‘I have just one thing to

say: tick tick tick tick____’ Yeah, well, this

wouldn’t be a good risk for her; she’s 36 and really wants kids soon. My biological clock has some time on it.

“One thing I did say to Will was, ‘If you can tell me today that you never, ever want children, we should stop seeing each other.’ He said, ‘I can’t tell you that for sure.’ That was enough for me. A good man is hard to find, and I’ve found an exceptionally good one. I can’t say, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t date you you might not want kids ten years from now.’ You can only live so far into the future.”

An important note: Many women consider themselves successful risk-takers even if a particular risk backfires. “I cherish all my failed gambles getting married, for example because they got me where I am today,” says Kate, 31. “I’m in a stable, strong relationship with a man I would never have noticed before, because all the stuff I learned by taking risks has changed what I was looking for.”

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