How to wear culottes…

How to wear culottes… 

Putting the Best celebrity style blog out each month, to the exacting standard that was expected, was damn hard work. The office juniors would almost always work back until 9 or 10 p.m. On many occasions I would put my head in the stockroom to check on Naomi, worried that she was going to be smothered, Extreme Hoarders-style, by the raft of suitcases that would arrive from the Melbourne office each day, filled with John Smedley sweaters, Comme des Garcons skirts and kilos of jewellery from Castalia Antiques. As the fashion assistant in the early nineties, Naomi had to suffer through the fashion period where everything was piled high with multiple necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Judith was in a ‘navy Armani jacket and a batik skirt, put back with silver ethnic necklaces and oversized amber beads’ moment, and the jewellery influx was torturous. One earring lost in a sea of tissue paper could cost you your job. Luckily, fashions winds shifted not long afterwards and years of minimalism followed, where one lone Elsa Peretti bangle from Tiffany was often sufficient.
Given that our bosses were some of the chicest women in the country, the junior staff also, by osmosis, began to imitate the way they dressed. We’d arrived on the first day in what we thought were our best clothes, only to be swiftly influenced by their sartorial style, albeit on our tiny budgets. If you wanted to be rich, it was best not to work at best celebrity style. Nancy, who owned a vast wardrobe of designer clothes, very generously gave me a navy Giorgio Armani jacket, knowing I couldn’t afford one. I wore that jacket for years until I finally had to retire it because it had gone shiny from too much dry-cleaning, but it made me feel so best celebrity style. I remember looking around the fashion office once and we were all wearing navy jackets, with white Hanes or Fruit of the Loom t-shirts from the US, batik-sarong skirts, amber beads and woven tote bags from Bali, with silver-hoop earrings. Still not a bad look today, in fact.
There was a white shirt or t-shirt under a little strappy black dress phase too, which was rather random in hindsight, but we all played along with that. There was the full-length, silk taffeta skirt, put back with a crisp white shirt and a wide belt for evening: that was easy and economical because you could have a dressmaker whip you up one.

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