How to lose weight fast without exercise

Foods to Eat Sparingly
The interpretation of “sparingly” depends upon a number of individual factors such as overweight, underweight, physical activity, cholesterol level, and hypoglycemia. The overweight, sedentary, or hypoglycemic person, for example, may need to reduce the daily servings of some “liberal” foods fruit, fruit juice, bread, cereal, rice, potatoes, and com. (The hypoglycemic diet in Appendix C shows you how to do this.) The underweight person may interpret “sparingly” much more ‘liberally.”

Fat. Careful attention should be given to fat intake. When it comes to fats used as “spreads” on bread, potatoes, and for seasoning foods, a limited amount of butter is preferable to products made from hydrogenated (saturated) refined vegetable oil. An acceptable alternative is the recently introduced squeeze botde spread which has a much lower degree of hydrogenation.

Hydrogenated fats encourage a cholesterol problem, since they disturb cholesterol metabolism. The great bulk of fats in your diet will come from their use in cooking, salads, and mayonnaise, and you should be careful to select those fats from unrefined vegetable oils such as com oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, or saf flower seed oil. Of these, com oil and saffiower seed oil are the better choices, since they contain the largest amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

All of these oils, however, increase your need for vitamin E, and you should be sure you are getting more than a token amount of this essential nutrient.

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