How to lose weight fast with exercise

Foods to Avoid
Obviously, foods that increase the likelihood of disease should be avoided: sugar, white flour, hydrogenated fat, food preservatives such as the nitrates and nitrites, and the many artificial flavoring and coloring agents.
While it may be virtually impossible to eliminate all these undesirable substances from your diet (it can be frustrating even to try), it is possible to cut intake as much as 75 percent by substituting foods from the “liberal” category.

Of all the foods to be avoided, sugar is the most harmful. It is a prominent factor in the development of overweight conditions and diabetes, hypoglycemia, dental cavities and periodontal diease, kidney stones, urinary infection, cardiovascular disease, intestinal cancer, diverticulosis, indigestion, hormone disorders and mental illness.

Since the calories in sugar rich foods are “empty” calories, they contribute very little to the body’s need for vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and protein. At the same time, considerable quantities of such vitamins and minerals as thiamine (Ba), riboflavin (B2), niacin (Bs), pyridoxine (B«), pantothenic acid, phosphorus, an4 magnesium are necessary to metabolize sugar properly; thus, people who ingest sugar and sugary food instead of those rich in vitamins and minerals are bound to end up with vitamin deficiencies.

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