How to lose weight fast for teens

Fruit juices may replace one serving of fresh fruit. If citrus juice is chosen, the fresh fruit serving should not be citrus. Juices serve as substitutes for undesirable beverages such as coffee, tea, soft and alcoholic drinks. Any kind of fruit juice, canned, frozen, or fresh, is acceptable if no sugar has been added. If you are hypoglycemic or overweight, avoid grape or prune juice; the reverse applies to the underweight. Those who are overweight may prefer grapefruit to orange juice, since it has less natural sugar.

Vegetables. The list of nutrient rich vegetables is almost endless; yet vegetables make up one of the two food groups most commonly absent from the average diet (the other is fruits). The Department of Agriculture reports that Americans consume 13 percent less fresh fruit and 7 percent less fresh vegetables than they did ten years ago. This decrease reflects the extent of current nutritional illiteracy.

Eat four or more servings of vegetables each day. When fresh varieties are not available or acceptable, use frozen or canned vegetables. Potatoes are satisfactory once a day. Whole potatoes, baked or boiled ivith the skin intact, provide the maximum nutritional value.

One vegetable serving each day should be a raw vegetable or vegetable salad. Tomatoes should be included frequently in this category, since they are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. When the only tomatoes on the market have the winter blahs, raw green peppers can be added to your salads to supply the Vitamin C, and broccoli is one of the richest vegetable sources of both A and C.

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