It is a painful process to grow out short hair. If your hair is very short it needs at least 1 year to grow out. So until that time, there is an awkward phase. In this writing you can find how to pass through this awkward phase.

Here is how to grow short hair out back to long gracefully.

First Phase

A good short haircut can last for 2 months. This 2 months you are free to enjoy highs of low maintaince short hair. Then hard period begins. So first thing you should do after that two months is begin going to hairdresser every 8 weeks. You should ask your hairstylist to keep backs short and let the hair on the front and sides to grow until you reach to bob haircut.

Second Phase

After you reach to bob length you can also let the hair at the back grow. You can add bangs or add highlights to your hair to have fresh change.


Most common mistake is to stop having your hair trimmed after you reach bob length. You should continue having trims because ends of the hair will look very heavy and outdated if you don’t do so. Around this time you should have your hair trimmed every 2 months.

Third Phase

When your hair passes shoulder length, best thing to do is to add some layers. This way it will look longer and more fashionable.

After shoulder length, voila! You have long hair and tons of styling options again…

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