How to Get Sexy Hair

Vitamin E

Is it or isn’t it? Only you can tell for sure whether the so-called sex vitamin is just that for you. Adelle Davis claims it makes you sexier looking! Men look manlier, and women more womanly. I believe that vitamin E can help give you swinging, sexy hair. And that it’s a skin plumper-upper par excellence. But an aphrodisiac? I say yes! I had to cut my own 800 units per day dosage when my amour of the moment begged for surcease. Seems he was just plain tired! Mind you, I didn’t cut out E. Heavens no! Just down. (I was getting a bit worn out myself.) And I gave him some.

I’ve given this dosage of vitamin E to friends who complained they were too tired even for sex. (And that’s too tired!) This megadose of E had the same, immediate sexual-revitalizing effect on them that it had on me. And if that’s true, then how great for your shape! Remember those 200 calories you use, every time you take to bed with your mate!

Aphrodisiac or not (and I still say “yes!”) vitamin E is, for me, instant Energy. If I’m feeling really tired, I pop an E, 400 units a pop. Because I don’t believe in “uppies” meaning fake energy in the likes of an amphetamine capsule. I’m way up on my own energy most of the time anyway. Tranquillity is what I need, and since I don’t believe in “downies” (the sedative sort of tranquillity) either, I get it via B vitamins and calcium both great stress-destroyers. We all have our moments of flagging strength, and that’s when I run for E. Some of the more vital beauties I know swear by 1200 units of E per day. You should plan your dosage by its obviously best results.

Just remember that the energy that comes from E is the kind that is good, natural, and healthy, not the kind that comes from synthetic stimulants that have the effect of just whipping that tired horse.

Vitamin C

Yes, Dr. Pauling, it does cure a common cold. And you can take tons of it. You can take grams of C with, apparently, no harmful effects. But C, as we have seen, does much more for your good looks than just cold-curing. It’s a great skin-radiance-maker and for that purpose you need a minimum of 1,500 units per day. And never forget that if you’re a smoker, or a heavy coffee-drinker, you’d better triple your dosage of C, for these two beauty-killers caffeine and smoke eat your C alive.

Just take it and lots of it, and, if your body doesn’t want it, well, it will kiss it good-bye with absolutely no harm done.

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