How to get rid of dark circles eyes


Horsetail extract to improve microcirculation and elasticity. Rosewater and cornflower to soothe and smooth. Vitamin B to help moisturize. (Vitamin B is now used routinely by many of the major beauty houses.) Camomile and mallow to cool. (Aromatherapy company Elemis makes a marvellously refreshing eye gel – use it sparingly.)


The bluish, shadowy under-eye circles that so many of us suffer from occur when the circulation in this area slows down. As a consequence, blood pigments stagnate and are particularly visible through the fine, under-eye skin. Partly hereditary, under-eye circles can also be caused by lack of sleep and overexposure to the sun. Eye creams that contain ingredients to fight harmful free radicals and to break up the accumulation of blood cells can slightly reduce the ‘blue-ringed’ look if they are used regularly over a period of time.

Sadly, there is no miracle cure for under-eye circles. That said, one ofthe best ways to minimize the appearance of dark shadows is to pat a good liquid concealer, about two shades lighter than your foundation, around the sockets. Blend it in well, using light, feathery movements with your fingertips. Do not apply foundation in addition to concealer below the eyes, as the layering of products in this area will end up looking very unnatural.


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