How to feed your hair

When we eat, our bodies go to work breaking down the nutrients. The hair and scalp need these nutrients as much as any other part of the body in particular vitamins A, B, C and E. And don’t think you can cheat by taking a vitamin supplement it may help a little but the real thing is what the hair needs! So here’s a checklist of what foods are good and bad.

What’s in citrus fruits strawberries leafy green vegetables soy beans nuts seeds coconuts sprouts mackerel tuna eggs garlic pumpkin seeds What’s out junk food sugary drinks mucus forming foods, especially dairy products (but hooray low fat cottage cheese is in) excessive amounts of animal fats high levels of wheat refined white bread You can surely tell a lot about someone from the health of their hair.

Neglected, damaged hair lacks shine and is lifeless splurging on this season’s fashion must haves and applying layers of fabulous make up can never disguise dreary, dull or disastrous hair. Dandruff, excessive oiliness, dryness and hair loss can all be identified as SOS signals.

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