1 Eyebrows are possibly the most defining feature of the face, so tread carefully if you intend to alter them. Remember that even if you do not want to change the natural shape of your eyebrows, brushing them upwards, or flattening them with hair gel or transparent mascara will give your overall look a little extra polish, and separate the women from the girls.

2 When tweezing, always cleanse the area to be worked on with a cotton bud (Q-Tip) that has been soaked in toner first.

3 Start at the side ofthe brow nearest your nose and work outwards, removing a continuous line of hairs at a time. Avoid a ‘tadpole’ shape, which will make eyes appear close set.

4 Remember that the more you pluck away from beneath your brows, the greater the space you create for applying eye make-up.

5 Vour eye shape will naturally determine what shape eyebrow suits your face best, and whether you should go really thin, or retain a slightly fuller feel.

6 Before you pluck out any stray hairs, drawyour new brow shape in with white eyeliner first, to make sure you are happy with the overall outline.

7 Never pluck above your eyebrows. Instead, any unwanted growth above your perfect curve should be bleached into insignificance with some very carefully applied facial hair lightener.

8 Top make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin suggests bleaching your eyebrows up to two shades lighter than your hair colour for the most attractive and flattering finish.

Q When filling in patchy sections with an eyebrow pencil, use broken movements to keep the effect looking natural. Stick to an eyebrow pencil about one shade lighter than your brows or the new additions will always be very obvious.

I 0 If you want made-up brows to last a whole day, makeup artist Vincent Longo suggests ‘using pencil first, and then applying matching powder shadow on top’.

II Unfortunately, the hair regrowth that inevitably follows plucking is very noticeable on anyone whose hair colour is any shade other than flaxen (and who probably will not need to pluck in any case). Electrolysis can be painful, but because it is a permanent form of hair removal you avoid the unsightly stubble stage, and the chore of plucking from then on.


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