How to apply lipstick on lips


1 Blot out your natural lips with foundation, and finish with a whisper of translucent powder to make a smooth canvas for your new mouth.

2 Take a lip liner ofyour choice (this can either be neutral or match your lipstick) and, starting slightly outside your natural lip line, draw gently upwards towards the peak ofthe lips. Create a rounded shape that ends just above the centre of your top lip, and just below the centre ofyour bottom lip.

3 Then, carefully fill in the new lip shape with lip liner.

4 Using a creamy-textured lipstick that is a shade or two darker than your main lipstick colour, fill in the corners of the new mouth shape with a firm lip brush.

5 Using a clean brush, fill in the rest ofthe lips with lipstick in either a gloss or a pearlized finish. Blend carefully where the main colour joins the colour in the corners ofthe lips, taking care not to cover the deeper shade entirely.

6 Then carefully coat the lips with a layer of clear gloss.

7 Add a dab of silver lipstick to the centre of the bottom lip, and also to the cupid’s bow. This will create athree-dimensional effect, and give the lips a ‘cushioned’ appearance.

One of the make-up basics, blusher is a constant stumbling block for many women. While fashions for where to apply it come and go, getting your technique right is always vital. A little too much, the wrong shade or applied at slightly the wrong angle, and you may end up more Coco the Clown than Coco Chanel.

It is all too easy to get trapped in a ‘salad days’ application, but what looked fine then rarely translates successfully to today. Likewise, taking up-to-the-minute trends too literally does not work (unless, of course, you happen to look like Kate Moss or Liberty Ross). Fuchsia cheeks with startling white highlighter are best left to glossy magazine spreads, and you can wave goodbye to the liberal-handed application of‘Aunt Sally’ circles, unless they are brilliantly touched in for you by a professional make-up artist. Moderation is the name ofthe game ifyou want beautiful results. Although the price of a good blusher brush can seem like bare-faced cheek, it should be viewed as a wise long-term investment. Treated well (which means washed regularly in lukewarm soapy waterand then laid flatto dry), a brush by Shu Uemura, forexample, should last years, and will make all the difference to your application.

The plethora of colours available today makes choice harder, but sticking to pinks and peaches works well for most women. These hues enhance natural skin tones, and are more forgiving ifyou are not a dab hand at application. Do not be put off by shades that look vivid in their container-

‘Blush is the one piece of make-up you will neuer haue to change. Stick with a blush that adds the right healthy glow, and you can always change the colour of your eyes or lips to alter your look.’

Mary Greenwell, make-up artist just a whisper, deftly applied across the apple of the cheek, often results in a fine, subtle finish. While cult brands Nars, MAC and Stila offer a superb and ever-enlarging palette of shades, I personally always keep to the traditional houses of Chanel, YSL and Christian Dior – their products’ purity of colour and silky texture are pretty hard to beat.

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