How To Apply Facial Moisturizer


To say you do not use moisturizer is tantamount to heresy in the beauty world. However, some people manage to live perfectly happy lives without it. Understanding the natural moisture levels of your own skin is key to finding the right type of moisturizer to suit you. The idea that simply categorizing yourself as ‘greasy’, ‘dry’ or ‘normal’ is the answer to moisturizing seems archaic. Today we all know that a combination of external factors such as changing weather and a hostile environment, and inner factors such as stress and fluctuating hormones, mean your skin has different needs at different times, and that these needs are always individual and specific to you.

The water flow from the dermis to the surface of the skin, and the sebum thatforms a barrier on the surface ofthe skin to delay water evaporation, are what determine your skin’s moisture levels. As we age, both the levels of sebum and the levels of water present decrease. Areas that did not need moisturizing before may suddenly feel dry and require a little extra help.

Long gone are the days when moisturizer was nothing but a simple pot of cold cream (although many a dermatologist will tell you that simple cold cream is all your skin requires). Today, thanks to revolutions in skincare technology, creams at both ends ofthe market contain ingredients that are antiageing, anti-pollutant, anti-ultraviolet and antioxidant, to name but a few. No longer the humble potion knocked up in someone’s kitchen, today’s skincare has huge scientific laboratories and scores of researchers working behind it. We now not only understand the composition and function of human skin, but can also simulate it, making it possible to deliver active ingredients right into its deepest layers.

indir (2)The Only use a moisturizer where you need it. You cannot hydrate skin properly using topical applications alone – you have to drink plenty of water. Open-pored areas do not like being moisturized. People with combined oily patches and dry patches think that they should moisturize, but I think that they should exfoliate. You cannot stick peeling flakes of skin back down and expect them to attach to the surface.’ Eve Lom, skincare expert (eye-job) operations have created their under-eye bags by using so much eye gel that it has not been fully absorbed. Rather than risk accumulating eye gel in your sockets, stick with a light cream product and use it sparingly, just dotted around the orbital bone.

While dark circles are often genetic, they can also be the result of poor circulation, alcohol or toxins. Because the skin is so fine underneath the eye, the bluish tint ofthe underlying blood vessels can sometimes be seen. While companies such as Chanel and Estee Lauder have products to fight dark circles, the most effective strategy is to conceal them. Do not dismiss wet tea bags and cucumber slices as old wives’ tales ifyou suffer from baggy eyes. They act like a poultice to draw out excess fluids and work wonders the morning after the night before.

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