Hot Celebrity Bodyguards

Hot Celebrity Bodyguards

Ever the inventor, Russell developed a new, high-speed optical data recorder and player with no moving parts, further reducing the chance of mechanical wear-and-tear or malfunction. Russell earned another eleven patents for this optical random-access memory (ORAM) device, which was initially targeted at handheld computers, cell phones, portable video games, and military devices. Russell hoped that the ORAM would eventually supplant the compact disc as the primary storage medium for a wide variety of information and entertainment devices. Impact Consumer electronics and developments in computers redefined life and work in the late twentieth century. The adoption of the CD-ROM revolutionized the way computers stored and retrieved data. The device’s larger capacity and longevity led it eventually to replace the floppy disk. The music industry was similarly reinvented with the advent of the compact disc, as recording artists and consumers alike embraced the superior quality and durability of digital audio compared to analog.

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