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The Egg It Goes Inside

In any case, back at the dorm, I was faced with a difficult choice a sick stomach from green eggs or a sticky-looking sweet roll and coffee. I opted for the sweet roll, which was my first hair-mistake. Hipster hair beard 2015 And my hair certainly showed my error.

Soon it was thin and sickly-looking where it once had been plentiful. If I went swimming, I appeared almost bald, and my friends took notice enough to question what was happening. Hipster hair beard 2015 This is one time it wasn’t my active imagination at work.

But I was lucky, as I always have been. For back in Alabama, I had a super-knowledgeable, way ahead of his time, hairdresser. He was Mexican (don’t ask me how he got to Alabama), and you know the kind of hair the Mexicans have thick, black and shiny. Hipster hair beard 2015 I’ve heard it comes from the corn that is the staple of the Mexican diet.

It’s possible. Corn is not only relatively high in protein, but is extremely high in phosphorus. Phosphorus is a mineral that is not only found in every one of your body cells but a mineral that helps create lecithin, and lecithin is what helps create hair. It looks like the Mexican connection from here.

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