High fade haircut comb over

BB Growth Serum Hair Strengthener & BB Oil Moisturizer… What other products can you buy for your tresses that can make a huge difference in ” the way your hair looks and feels? The Bronner Brothers hair care line is a great line to include in your hair care arsenal. The line’s BB Growth Serum is a hair strengthener that works overtime to promote healthy hair. The serum contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil, and a growth complex. High fade haircut comb over Their BB Oil Moisturizer helps to stop hair breakage and promote growth, and shines, softens, conditions and repairs the hair. Get ready to party the night away! With a style like this you can have part of the hair styled up that will stay in place while the rest cascades down the back for that high glam impact. Photos: Eric Hanson 1. Shampoo and deep condition the hair. 2. Cover all of the hair with a heat protectant. 3. Use a blow-dryer and cushioned paddle brush and dry the hair section by section. 4. Trim off any split ends. 5. Section off the top third of the hair in a clip. 6. Proceed to silken the loose hair on the lowest setting possible with a ceramic curling iron, making sure to curl the ends as you go. 7. Unclip the top third of the hair and create curls throughout. 8. Softly style the top of the hair and use hairpins to secure the hair up. 9. Style the rest of the hair and allow it to flow down the back. 10. Use a humidity resistant hairspray to seal the style.

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