Here’s an Refreshing Application


Purpose: To calm or alive with the help of a color cloud.

Rules: You can practice this practice in a horizontal, sitting or standing position. Choose the position that best suits your application.

Pull the air deep into the mouth, then gently squeeze out the chin, lower jawbone, face, back of the head and neck by gently pushing into a pipette. Notice the relief that has settled in this area: head, face, neck.

Take a second deep air, then release your shoulders by gently exhaling; Loosen your arms, your chest cage and your back. Be aware of the relaxation that has occurred at the level of these body zones.

Breathe in for the third time and slowly relax your belly, legs and feet deeply.

Now you can think of a cloud that you will paint like a painter with the help of a color you choose on your own.

If you need to calm down, apply to a blue or green cloud, if you want to revive, consider an orange or a red cloud.

When this cloud is available in clear form, allow it to wrap your feet up to your feet. So you swim in cotton, a colorful cloud; Draw to your body this color which will spread into your body by bringing relaxation and vitality to your body.

When you reach your goal, stop the exhaust. Then breathe deeply three times to slowly return to a state of alertness. Then you can stretch, stretch and finally open your eyes. Recommendation: It will be used with two interpretations according to your technical needs which are very quick and easy. In the same day you can use the soothing cloud and the refreshing cloud in succession.

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