Help from Kelp

Then came help from kelp. I was taking my lecithin and drinking my vinegar and still reading and learning all the while.

I learned a lot about kelp. For kelp is loaded with iodine and iodine is what makes that mysterious metabolic system burn up the fuel the way it should. I have already told you, perhaps too often, that my metabolic system burns everything too slowly, so that the fat tends to pile up. I’m just unlucky, I guess. Some have it a perfect metabolism and some, like myself, just don’t.

But, at this point, I wasn’t thinking thyroid. I wanted to see whether my low-normal metabolism could be turned up by iodine the way one could turn up the flame in an oven.

And so I checked out kelp.

Kelp is seaweed, pure and simple, although it goes by some other rather spectacular aliases. “Badderwrack, bladder fucus, and kelp-ward” are just a few of the more unattractive ones. It’s still seaweed to me. And, fortunately, in its food form, it’s available in easy-to-swallow, compressed-seaweed tablets. Thank heavens.

Now, for all of my life, I’d been listening to lore about the un-fat Orientals and how they got, and stayed, that way by eating loads of food from the sea. Not only fish, but seaweed and other nutritional gifts from the sea.

For the Orientals are traditionally slim (in spite of the rice), relatively heart-attack free or at least they were until cola drinks hit that culture, along with the Western world’s overprocessed horror-diet with much lower blood-pressure rates than our country’s. And along with all that, they have, as you have surely noticed, lots of lustrous, strong, and healthy hair. Mind you, I’m speaking generally, of course. But just look around.

So I decided to add kelp to my helpers all the while reading every word I could find on the subject and I discovered that this is a real wonder food. For it is a food, which means that it would be awfully difficult to overdose on kelp. And yet it acts, in some mysterious way, as a thyroid normalizer. It makes the fat grow thin and the thin not get any thinner. In short, it works on your metabolism only if that metabolism was faulty already. Who can ask for anything more from seaweed?

On top of that, if you do have really faulty metabolism, and must take medication for it doctor-authenticated thyroid problems, not just “glands” that are used as an excuse for being too lazy to diet kelp doesn’t interfere with that medication. It isn’t a drug, so there’s no conflict of medical interests.

On my “help me, kelp” program, I swallowed five or six tablets of kelp every time I downed my vinegar brew. And I kept getting thinner. But I kept thinking fat!

B-6 Right about the three-quarter mark in my great weight-moving race, I came across a mind-blower right in a beauty blog by nutritionist Linda Clark. It was the story of a general physician in Texas, a Dr. John M. Ellis, who happened upon the thin-making effects of vitamin B-6 quite by accident.

He was, it seems, treating patients who complained of tingling and numbness in fingers and toes, as well as leg cramps. Dr. Ellis treated these symptoms by prescribing for his patients dosages of fifty milligrams of vitamin B-6 daily.

He found that their tingly symptoms disappeared within three weeks, but he also found something he hadn’t expected. These same patients began to lose both weight and inches, especially around their waistlines up to three inches in many cases and this without changing one element in their diets. Except for the B-6, of course. And when that B-6 was stopped, apparently the good results stopped, as well.

According to Mrs. Clark, Dr. Ellis finally learned the reason: B-6 works together with the minerals sodium and potassium to set up a body balance of the two and both minerals are ones which work to regulate body fluids. Meaning that vitamin B-6 helped regulate the curse of every dieter water retention.

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